Emmanuel Church is an evangelical church in the heart of multicultural inner-city Birmingham.

We’re a group of people who believe the Bible, love God, love people and follow Jesus. We meet together to glorify God, so that we can know Him better and live our lives in ways that honour Him. We believe that God changes people through the Bible, therefore we put His Word at the centre of church life.

We would like to give you a very warm welcome to join us on Sundays, for easy to follow meetings, that clearly teach the life changing message contained in the Bible

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 "All things work for good" | Sunday Evening 17th October 2021

Emmanuel Church Handsworth,
22 Holyhead Road, Handsworth,
Birmingham, B21 0LT
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What's on


Sunday 17th October    

10.30am  Sunday Morning Service (At the church building) 5.00pm Sunday Evening Service (At the church building)

Wednesday 20th October   

7.00pm Missionary meeting | Slavic Gospel Association (At the church building) 

Sunday 24th October        

10.30am Sunday Morning Service (At the church building)
5.00pm Sunday Evening Service (At the church building)

Opening up of Covid restrictions 

The government has dropped all Covid restrictions from the 19th July 2021. They have given people, outlets and institutions the responsibility of choosing how to best protect themselves. Therefore we will do the following: 

(1) We will continue to follow certain Covid restrictions for the time being, so sanitizing before and after the meeting and social distancing will remain, however

(2) The wearing of masks is optional. We would encourage all who are vulnerable and over 60 to continue to wear masks but its up to each individual

(3) We will be singing, but will limit the number of songs.

People will have different opinions on Covid rules and will follow what they feel is best for them on a personal level, but we would be grateful if those attending church can  respect the recommendations of the church, and consider others who may be vulnerable and some who may not be vaccinated.

We will review things on a regular basis